Traffic genesis – the new internet marketing course everyone is talking about

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Created by Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins, Traffic Genesis is a comprehensive course about internet and digital marketing that will eventually enable you to get constructive traffic into your website. If you have a website, you definitely must have the right kind of people visiting it. This improves the visibility of the business to the appropriate audience who can turn into prospective buyers.

What does Traffic Genesis have to offer?

Traffic Genesis is an enriching training course that offers you guidance on traffic generation for your business. The methods described within the course can be applied to any digital marketing strategy, though there is a lot of emphasis on Facebook. There are several videos and topics that are covered in the course. Besides 8 weeks of coaching by Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime, you can also avail of some consistent, valuable updates from Traffic Genesis for about 12 months after completion of the course.

Does the course entail an initial investment?

There are different payment packages that members can choose from.

  • With the first option, the course comes free for about six months, after which the member has to pay around $997

  • The second option is the payment of a total of about $1131 through three installments of $377 each

  • Alternatively, a straight fee of $997 can be paid for the course

Note: A 30-day money back guarantee accompanies all of the above subscriptions

Features of the product:

The course relies on targeting marketing practices involving Facebook. The trainers Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of Facebook’s advertising and campaign systems. An increase in traffic is generated once these tactics are adopted. It works on the principle that Facebook ads are effective if used correctly. Most people have an inclination to advertise, but usually, do not follow through due to their inability to completely comprehend the way social media works.

Concepts covered (all of them revolve around Facebook):

  • How to set up an advertisement

  • Principles of using the FB social media

  • Cheap and quick advertisements

  • High conversion of products

  • Improve CTR or click through rates

  • Analyze the ads and develop future strategies

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