Online ways to make money from home in USA

Here is another article from describing some online ways to make money from home in USA. Where opportunities are many, we help people look in the right place and in the right direction.

There are several legitimate work from home jobs that can even turn into prospective career options if pursued well. Many small tasks such as being a field agent where you have to provide business information by gathering information on a product’s display could also earn you a few bucks. Besides, you could also become a “Tasker” where you run tasks such as background checks, assembling furniture and planning small repairs. Where these are jobs that you can source online and may have to go out to execute them physically, there are also others that can be completely performed on the web. All you need in an internet connection, a computer and decent skill sets.

Some online modes of making money from home in the United States are:


Services like Writer Access and List Verse let you freelance with businesses that need a written copy. Send your resume to the Writer Access website where you will be screened for writing proficiency. As you are assigned a star rating, clients know that the higher the number of stars, the greater the cost. List Verse lets you list any 10 things. A well-written list can earn you good money. But out of all these, the writings should not be plagiarized. Alternatively, you could also write and sell ebooks. It need not necessarily be a novel, it could even be a bunch of recipes.

Making and sharing videos:

A video that is unique has high chances of going viral. A short clip with a product review or simply you and your pet, can get you enough recognition and a popular online channel such as YouTube could pay you for its viral popularity. Amazon Video Direct is another service where you can post your videos for free on a public platform. For every video that is streamed, Amazon can actually pay you about 0.15$ per hour.

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