What is Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft is a platform that offers small business owners the opportunity to accelerate their growth through a powerful CRM that integrates e-commerce, marketing, sales, purchase fulfillment, invoices, receipts and much more. Aimed at serving only small businesses with employees less than 25, the company provides a subscription to the SaaS product that pulls all the crucial data points in a business together.

Just like any other venture, small businesses also have to be organized, grow sales and reap profits. Designed exclusively for smaller establishments and freelancers, Infusionsoft helps you whether you own a street-side business or a digital e-commerce platform. It comes with several integrations and can even be combined with any third party software that you might be using.

Benefits of using Infusionsoft:

  • As a web-based solution, Infusionsoft can be activated with just a browser

  • It coordinates all the tasks and resolves small business issues, thus saving valuable time that can be utilized for other productive growth

  • The software sends out consistent messages from the brand and assures personalized customer experiences

  • All contact information stays centralized

  • The efficiency of the sales team is improved since they do not indulge in redundant sales activities

  • You can integrate powerful marketing tools such as social media and other offline channels to create valuable relationships

Features of Infusionsoft:

  • An effective CRM tool

  • Automates all marketing tasks- including email marketing and campaigns

  • Web-based forms

  • Eases social media marketing

  • Payment processing is simple

  • Navigation can be achieved with just drag and drop to publish the pages that you wish

  • Report generation is made easy

  • The software is compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, and Mac

  • It caters to all small businesses and freelancers

  • Charges are nominal and users can avail of a monthly subscription

  • Deployment is cloud-hosted – which means enhanced data security with minimal downtimes.

The software also provides a tutorial for effective usage. Besides, it offers periodic upgrades, where the users have additional features that they can utilize such as strategizing tags, importing contacts, sending email broadcasts and much more.

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